Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Infrastructure

Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Infrastructure provides the foundation for the entire family of Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications across the domains of performance, risk, compliance, and customer insight, as illustrated below

The Infrastructure is comprised of a set of frameworks that operates on and with the Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Data Model. This infrastructure delivers unified metadata across the stack and provides a single set of computational engines, stochastic modeling methods and business rules to feed overlapping, but independent, analytical business functions such as profitability, economic capital, FTP, and regulatory capital.


  • Centrally manage analytical applications on a single enterprise-wide infrastructure built specifically for financial services
  • Provide one version of the analytical “truth” to business users throughout the entire enterprise
  • Confidently manage performance, governance, risk and compliance with a single, transparent, auditable analytical platform
  • Deliver pervasive and consistent business intelligence throughout the enterprise Perform Perform Perform concurrent, multijurisdiction, multi-ledger computations without performance impact or the need for additional hardware
  • Minimize TCO across all financial services analytical disciplines with a single, unified platform investment


  • Rich and comprehensive business metadata allows business users to interact with financial services data model to configure and modify application data, rules and reports
  • Centrally assemble, configure and manage baseline and simulation runs by modifying assumptions, parameters and rules for advanced analytical capabilities
  • Configure and manage batch and real time runs with built in management or through external web services
  • Manage and create aggregate data stores for analytics through an automated, metadata driven process
  • Manage and create rules for data manipulation, classification and computations
  • Define and execute data quality checks on incoming data
  • Modify and configure forms and workflows to meet specific functional and organizational requirements
  • Control system authentication and access by role and/or job function
  • Provide secure and authorized access to analytical data by domain, segment and even business metadata
  • Move and aggregate data between various analytical stores for use in any application

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