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Cygnet has numerous solutions we can offer to help to automate and solve your business problems. By implementing system in your company, you bypass the expensive costs associated with manual errors and inefficiencies.

Automation is moving the needle of business efficiency and simplifying human lives in general. Businesses that have automated their processes and systems cut price, save time, and will be able to allocate their resources to solve more intelligent problems. They let systems do the routine tasks, while eliminating the chances of human errors.



Often, a smoothly run project gets a black eye because of problems in implementation. The major overall problem with implementation is that you don’t always realize the complexity associated with deploying the solution. Therefore, many of the implementation details need to be planned ahead of time.

Our priority during implementation is to have the least impact on your day-to-day business – minimizing downtime and risk. That’s why implementation methodology is overseen by our professional project management team and carried out by highly qualified technical consultants and analyst. We can even work around your business hours, or at weekends, to ensure the least possible disruption.


Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support play a very important role. Maintenance and Support became very important to keep the system running to support your business. Cygnet Pericon invests on dedicated team of technical experts to support, as well as to improve your application system. You can even monitor every case reported by your company with our easy and user-friendly ticketing application. Discover how our support team can help you optimize operations with less budget and less.



We also provide training of products which we offer, such as training related to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence. Cygnet also helps you to build strong resources to handle and support your systems by providing a relevant training related to the system which we implement in your premise.. Having a trained workforce means your staff are learning new skills that can save costs, reduce mistakes and create a better working environment. An investment in your employees’ skill sets is an investment in your company.

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