Oracle Watchlist Screening

Oracle Watchlist Screening provides a best-in-class solution for screening master data against lists of Sanctioned individuals and companies, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), and other lists of high risk individuals and organizations. Using the underlying power and capabilities provided by Oracle Enterprise Data Quality, the product helps organizations minimize their exposure to the risk of financial crime and enables them to comply with increasingly complex domestic and international legislation and regulation.


  • Delivers advanced threat detection while minimizing false positives, achieving rates far lower than the competition
  • Puts the customer in control through open and transparent configuration enabling high degree of tailoring
  • Extensive on-board data quality functions makes it easy to deal with ‘difficult data’ and optimize data ahead of screening
  • Enables optimal deployment of resources through risk scoring and prioritization
  • Integrated case management and reporting tools, making it easy to audit and demonstrate compliance
  • Comprehensive audit trail and case history provides evidence of best practice if requested by regulatory authorities
  • Offers a choice of watch lists, match rules, and deployment options to suit your business and the regulatory framework within which you operate


  • Batch and real-time screening
  • Advanced data preparation techniques
  • Sophisticated matching algorithms, with over 450 standard match rules
  • Customizable workflows tailored for compliance investigations
  • Risk and match scoring published to case management
  • Support for multiple list data-sources including HMT, OFAC, EU, UN, Accuity, Dow Jones, and World-Check
  • Plug-in language packs and transliteration support multiple writing systems
  • Optional country packs offering name and geographical reference data
  • Real-time screening user interface integrated with case management
  • Ability to track and report on match rule configuration changes
  • Compliance and management reporting with drill-down access to operational data

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