Lombard Risk REPORTER


REPORTER is an end-to-end solution that automates the generation of regulatory reports from capture and consolidation of data through to computation and submission to regulatory authorities. In other words, REPORTER is a comprehensive tool for regulatory reporting that consist of ETL Tools and Repository Data (SuperC), Reporting Tools (GlobalView), Interface and Validation (Reporter)

REPORTER lends itself as an obvious solution due to its automation functions and a number of other features including audit trails and drill-down facilities.

It includes facilities to enable automated data enhancement, which can overcome many issues concerning source data that currently result in manually-adjusted or manually-added data being necessary on a continuous basis.

Cygnet through REPORTER Solution supports full Bank Indonesia computation and reporting requirements, and is permanently and automatically maintained to these requirements as they change, making REPORTER the ideal solution for automated regulatory reporting. All supervisory computations are supported including capital adequacy (Basel II will be included too), daily reporting, the full range of extensive reports, and many more.

REPORTER Installation Mode

REPORTER can be used in Stand-alone mode, to allow for manual input of pre-computed numbers, in Direct Allocation mode, for the automated input of pre-computed return numbers from the source systems that have calculated them, and as a Complete End-to-end solution, taking underlying transaction and account information directly from multiple source systems and performing all of the necessary BI computations, completing the returns and creating the outputs required for BI submission.


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